Immersive Development Reality

Simulation/Kid Friendly, Education, Interactive

Immersive Development Reality
Immersive Development Reality

Dive into the basics of virtual creation.

Immersive Development Reality (IDR) allows you to learn and create in Virtual Reality (VR). It combines the concepts of computer programming with the visual and tactile nature of VR, to give users a better learning experience. Using IDR, users can learn to code and create their own games or experiences.

Learning to make your own video games is as simple as playing one!

Using a large menu of options, users create objects and place them in the scene, then add nodes which represent coding operations to manipulate the objects and scene.

Our virtual learning experience, created to help enhance computer science learning.

IDR can be used as part of after-school coding or STEM clubs. IDR also can be integrated into the classroom, as the software can be used to demonstrate concepts in math, science, or computer science classes.
• Play games
• Hack games
• Make your own Game
• Use Animation & Physics.
• Learn about 3D space
• Understand negative numbers
• Understand how objects have properties, and how setting those properties defines the object behavior