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Simulation/Kid Friendly, NEW


In 2030, some unknown island in somewhere of the Pacific Ocean, there’s a group of archaeologists that was collecting biological data on the island for research purpose. It supposed to be an ordinary mission, but things started changing gradually. Some remaining artificial building and research center were discovered, In the same time the members of the group started gone missing. An unknown roar finally revealed the answer of all this. The only thing that matters now is running to the sea shore and escape from this island. You, the mercenary hired by the archaeologists group, are the only and final hope to get them out of this deadly hunting!

Experience the movie-like escaping plot which contain the scenario of chasing, shooting, and thrilling!

The game brings player a short but satisfying VR experience by reproducing the process of a highly-intense chasing plot with the highest quality of game graphic that you’ve ever seen so far in VR!

Try your best to survive from the dinosaurs’ attacks with the only weapons you possess.

Players can make counterstrikes by switching between rifle gun and shotgun depending on your strategies toward different situations; it can also affect the scores you get.

Game time: 10 minutes

Operation manual

1. you can use only one VIVE controller.
2. The trigger button is used to shoot.
3. controller down for filling ammunition.
4. Turn the controller to the left or right to replace the shotgun or rifle
5. Support somatosensory gun with VIVE Tracker, recommended as PP GUN.

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